The Family History.The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.
The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.


Person Sheet

Name James LINDLEY Jr.
Birth Date 16 Apr 168132
Birth Place Ballenclash, Wicklow County, Ireland
Birth Memo Also given as "Ballinaclash"
Immigration Date bef 3 Aug 171333
Immigration Place Ireland > Pennsylvania
Immigration Memo Received by Newark Monthly Meeting, having a certificate from the Carlow (Ireland) Monthly Meeting.
Residence Date aft Aug 1713-1726
Residence Place Chester County, PA
Land Purchase Date 15 Sep 171333,36 Age: 32
Land Purchase Place New Garden, Chester County, PA
Land Purchase Memo 200 acres. "From William Penn, Jr. james Lindley of Chester County, yeoman, bought 200 acres in New Garden." Tracts were mostly rectangular; James Lindley, 200 a. lying north of the Toughkenamon Hill...etc.
Tax List Date 171537
Tax List Place New Garden, Chester County, PA
Tax List Memo "Of the 22 persons taxed in New Garden in 1715, fifteen were Irish Friends...James Lindley, 4s, 6d."
Land Purchase Date Mar 172233,3
Land Purchase Place London Grove, Chester County, PA
Land Purchase Memo 400 acres. "Purchased 400 acres in the new township of London Grove by dated deeds (3/13 and 3/14 1722)."
Tax List Date 17243
Tax List Place London Grove, Chester County, PA
Tax List Memo "Of the 42 taxable persons in London Grove in 1724, there were ten Irish Friends. Of these ten, James Lindley was one of the highest taxpayers of the ten - his tax being 19 shillings."
Land Purchase Date 172633
Land Purchase Memo 600 acres.
Death Date 13 Oct 1726 Age: 45
Death Place London Grove, PA
Inventory Date 23 Oct 1726 Age: 45
Inventory Place Chester County, PA
Inventory Memo See notes for full inventory
Burial Place London Grove, Chester County, PA3
Burial Memo Funeral expenses were L4, 10s, and "Ye coffin L1, 8s.", making almost six pounds (money) - one of the most costly funerals at that time and locality.
Occupation Blacksmith/Yeoman/Constable "He was called 'blacksmith' in the deeds of 1722. He became the first constable of London Grove in 1723."32,38
Religion Quaker32
Nationality Irish of English descent
Father James William LINDLEY Sr. (~1641-1714)
Mother Alice WALSMITH (~1644-1691)
1 Elinor/Eleanor PARKE
Birth Date 1 Feb 1683/8432
Birth Place Ballyredmand, Carlow County, Ireland
Birth Memo Source 222 gives d.o.b. as Jan 2, 1684. Also source 397.
Death Date Jan 1743/4432
Death Place Chester County, PA
Death Date 17276
Religion Quaker
Nationality Irish
Father Robert PARKE (~1662-)
Mother Margery
Marriage Date 14 Apr 170532,39
Marriage Place Kilconnor, Carlow County, Ireland
Marriage Memo Thelma's notes give the date as 1 Apr 1705
Children Thomas (1706-1781)
Rachael (1707-)
James (1709-)
Margery (1712-)
Robert (1712-)
William (1714-1726)
Alice (1716-)
Mary (1717-1795)
Jonathan (1719-)
Elizabeth (1720-)
Hannah (1722-1750)
Elinor (1726-)
Notes for James LINDLEY Jr.
What did it mean to be a Yeoman?
In his The Virginia Dynasties: The Emergence of "King" Carter and the Golden Age", Clifford Dowdey notes:

In England...identifiction by status was an integral element in the social structure. The law required men to identify themselves by 'degree, estate, and mystery'--as type of artisan, as yeoman, as gentleman, and so on. Shakespeare, terming degree 'the ladder to all high designs,' wrote: 'Take but degree away, untune that string and, hark, what discord follows.' By degree, the yeoman stood above the landless agricultural worker and below the gentry. He would not be addressed as 'Mr." nor his wife as 'Mrs."

Within this degree, yeoman families varied in condition from those barely hanging on by doing their own work to those of modest wealth who , like farmers in the old America, hired helpers. But essentially they were workers of their own land. When a resourcefully enterprising yeoman continued to expand his holdings and to bring shrewdness to trading, he could earn the means to build a good house, establish a system of tenant-workers and, by his new estate, change his degree to 'gentleman' (p. 11).
This JAMES LINDLEY came to America not later than 1713, as shown by the records of the Friends Monthly Meeting at Newark (now known as Kennett) in Chester County, PA. These records contain this reference: "James Lindley brings to this meeting a certificate from ye monthly meeting at Carlow in ye Kingdom of Ireland - of his life and conversation which is here read and acceptd." (Newark/Kennett monthly meeting 8/3/1713) he died 10-13-1726, and was buried on the 15th at New Garden. His widow married Henry Jones 10-17-1730.3
Inventory or Appraisal
The inventory of the Estate of James Lindley, smith, of London Grove, Chester Co., was the most considerable estate of any mentioned.40

The following transcriptions preserves original spelling [LH]

Inventory made 10/23/1726:

"Purs & apparell L.22 lbs. 12s; 7 beds and furniture thereunto belonging; 1 chest of drawers, 2 chests, 2 boxes and 1 looking glass; 4 table cloths; 13 sheets and 1 warming pan; 2 pieces of stuff and 1 sett of new curtains; 1 hackle; chairs, salt box, iron pots and candle sticks; flax, 2 weomans saddles, 1 pillion and 2 bridgles; wool cards, sole leather, pewter, brass tin and woden wares; to Baggs, mault, Indian corn, sale wheels and a half bushell; irons in the kitchen, coopers ware and earthern ware &c; dressed skin, books, iron steel, 2 whip saws and 1 cross; carpenter tools, pincers, hows, plows, harrows and ox chains, shovells, and forks &c; a cart with the gears and chains, hooks & hors shoes; oak boards, scantling, 3 gun & bullet moulds; grubbing axes; well chains; wolf tra, felling axes &c; sickles, sythes, and doe trough; corn in the barn and corn in the mill; corn in the ground; and hay in the meadow; 16 horses, mares and colts; 27 cows, oxen and young cattle; 10 sheep and swine; smith's tools in the shop; one servant man; 5 bonds and one Bill; Book debts; Plantation improvements."

Total Value L. 1115.9s 8d.
Written Mention
LINDLEY, JAMES, wife ELEANOR (who was a sister of Thomas Parke of East Caln) came from Ireland and brought a certificate from Carlow Monthly Meeting to that of Newark--held 8/3/1713. He purchased 200 acres in New Garden in 1713, and 400 in London Grove in 1722, in the deed for which he is styled a blacksmith. Thomas Lindley, a brother perhaps, was a blacksmith in Philadelphia, but owned land in Caln, which he sold to Thomas Parke."3
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